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by Caterina Barontini in 2020.


Latest update: October 1, 2023


 pianist, composer and teacher

Highlighted news

lmf 2023 - 29 agosto.jpeg

August 29, 9 p.m.

Museo di Storia Naturale, Livorno




music by Liszt, Schumann, and Brahms



Marco Rizzi, violin

Danilo Rossi, viola

Alessandro Deljavan, piano

Caterina Barontinipiano


Talents of LMF

Anne-Sophie Luong, violin

Niccolò Corsaro, viola

Marina Margheri, cello

Giulia Sanguinetti, cello

Edoardo Mancini, piano

Simone Niro, piano

lmf 2023 - 2 settembre.jpeg

September 2, 9 p.m.

Museo di Storia Naturale




music by Schumann, Brahms, Saint-Saëns, and von Zemlinsky



Calogero Palermo, clarinet

Gabriele Geminiani, cello

Matteo Fossi, piano

Caterina Barontini, piano

Livia Zambrini, piano


Talenti del LMF

Alessandro Lunghi, piano

Mina Aoki Girardelli, violin

Miriam Urbini, cello

lmf 2023 - 3 settembre.jpeg

September 3, 6.30 a.m.

Fortezza Vecchia




music by Mozart, Weiss, Popper, Paganini,

Schumann, Brahms, Kabalevsky, and Barrios



Caterina Barontini, piano

Livia Zambrini, piano


Talents of LMF

Mina Aoki Girardelli, violin

Andrè Wintgens, violin

Lavinia Golfarini, cello

Valerio Battaglia, cello

Letizia Bondi, guitar

Isabella Ricci, piano

Francesco Saviozzi, piano

My releases

lmf 2023 - 3 settembre.jpeg2017.3cinquefilastrocche2017.4backtobeat-12017.2bartokiana2017.5backtobeat-22017.130studies2018.4theheartsonatas2018.3littlesuitegershwiniana2019.2bestclassicalpianosolo2019.5classicalpianoenergy2019.7classicalpianochillout2019.12classicalpianofrombeethoventodebussy2019.10classicalpianoforconcentration2019.9classicalpianodancemusic2019.11classicalpianofrombachtomozart2019.13romanticpianofromchopintorachmaninov2019.8classicalpianodreams2019.4classicalwaterpianomusic2019.6goodmoodclassicalpiano2019.14shadesoflove2019.16piano4hands_cd22019.17piano4hands_cd32019.15piano4hands_cd12019.18piano4hands_cd4small_copertinaazzurrocomeilcielosmall_coverazureasthesky2019.23fontidipoesia2022.4%20cover%20op.%203.jpegmari%20immaginari%20-%20ep_e.jpegtra%20quattro%20mura.jpeg


About me

Caterina Barontini was born in Pisa in 1994 and grew up in Livorno in a family of musicians. Her musical studies, begun at an early age in the form of a game, became systematic at the age of eight under the guidance of her father Ilio, with whom she made her debut in piano duo at Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie in Livorno in 2005. Since then, she has carried out an intense activity as a soloist and in various chamber ensembles. Her concerts and recitals have been inserted in prestigious concert seasons in many Italian cities (Napoli, Milano, Venezia, Roma, Firenze, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Pistoia, Norcia, Chianciano, Lanciano, Matera). Her educational and research path has deepened up to come to the academic studies at Conservatorio Mascagni in Livorno, where she got a Bachelor of Music in Piano under the guidance of her father and, in 2015, the Master of Music in Piano in Daniel Rivera class with full marks, honours and special mention. Previously (2013), she had finished High School at Niccolini-Palli in Livorno (Education Sciences with linguistic curvature) with full marks and honours.


In 2021, she received a prize at the 30th edition of Oscar Livornesi, an event organized by the Il Palcoscenico Association to recognize the work of people who have distinguished themselves in various fields of culture. Before that, she had won national and international piano awards (Outright First Prize at Concorso Internazionale Giovani talenti of Serra International Italia in Matera; 15th Concorso Riviera Etrusca; 21° Concorso Rospigliosi), scholarships (Ugo Ferrario, 2013, del Conservatorio Mascagni) and literary prizes (S. Tommaso in Formis, Roma 2010; 6th and 7th editions of the Poetry Prize “Giancarlo Bolognesi”, Livorno). These latest awards prove that her exploration of the music language has often been fed by her passion for literature and poetry.


As a composer and performer, she is now working on the project of setting into music twelve Canti of the Divine Comedy, providing periodical releases on Spotify and the other online platforms starting from the 15th of September 2023 – the release date of Canto I from the Inferno, recorded for Sifare Classical in trio with countertenor Danilo Pastore (Dante) and the tenor Bekir Serbest (Virgilio). Her previous works as a pianist-composer, also for Sifare Classical, had been Azzurro come il cielo (Azure as the Sky) Op. 1 and Fonti di poesia (Sources of Poetry) Op. 2 (for piano and reciting voice ad libitum, on two original poems), From a Secret Diary Op. 3 for piano, Mari immaginari (Imaginary Seas) Op. 4 for violin, viola, cello and piano, and Tra quattro mura (Within Four Walls) Op. 5 for piano.


Many are her co-workings with contemporary composers, among which we can mention Shades of Love by Francesco Digilio (2019) for piano and strings and 30 Studies in Minimal Style by Andrea Balzani (2017). In 2018, she recorded The Heart Sonatas in the Italian 18th Century and a hundred tracks for solo piano going from the 18th to the 21st Centuries, then collected in thematic compilations. She has also recorded in duo with her father a collection of compositions for piano four hands (four albums from Mozart to Satie) and Ilio Barontini opera omnia for piano duo (BartókianaFive Nursery RhymesLittle Suite & Gershwiniana and, finally, Back to Beat for two pianos, recorded live at Teatro Goldoni in Livorno).


After some years of service as a Piano teacher at Music High School "Niccolini-Palli" in Livorno and "Passaglia" in Lucca, currently she is a support teacher at "Cecioni" High School in Livorno. Since 2010 she has been a piano accompanist at Conservatorio Mascagni. She also holds masterclasses for various Institutions and Music Associations, as a teacher or as a piano accompanist, and she is a sheet music editor. She is President of the Hildegard Music Association and Assistant Director at Sifare Classical.